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Judlau Contracting

In November 2010, OHL USA acquired an equity interest in Judlau Contracting. This strategic partnership expands OHL’s construction activity in the New York and North East Area, and in turn, helps Judlau grow and provide even greater value and service to the clients. The strategy of OHL will be to supply the additional resources and technical expertise necessary to take Judlau to the next level in the heavy construction and infrastructure marketplace.

Since 1983, Judlau Contracting has been a leader in the heavy construction industry, specializing in large public works projects. We are proud to be in and of New York, one of the world’s greatest cities and our ambition now is to be in and of the larger world around us, as we enter new markets and areas of opportunity.

OHL USA is pursuing infrastructure and transportation opportunities throughout New York, the North East, Central, and Mid-Atlantic states through Judlau, whose experience of local markets, coupled with OHL’s global resume, provides the qualifications to pursue the largest and most complex projects. Our work runs the gamut from tunnels to bridges, subways to highways, electrical to signal and hard-bid through design-build to public-private partnerships (PPP). Our mission and strategy focus in offering public and private clients with a full range of construction services.

We have developed and perfected our capability for delivering the highest quality of products and services to clients in the construction industry. Along with this commitment to quality is a strong corporate focus on safety. We utilize top construction managers and supervisors to ensure project quality, timeliness and value.

To learn more about Judlau Contracting, please visit: www.judlau.com